Friday, June 12, 2009

Hello, World from Miss Alice

Hello, World!
This is so exciting, getting to meet new friends! So you'll know a little more about me, I just began learning how to use a computer Thanksgiving 2008, two months before my 65th birthday in January 2009. So with a great deal of help from my new friend, Sonia, I am now moving forward, expanding my horizons, enlarging my territory, and full of joy for what comes each day.
Sonia has been teaching me about blogging and how the possibilites of the medium are so great.
Aren't those nice photographs she took of some of my creations? She has been such a blessing!
Interior design has been my main business for over thirty years, and fourteen years ago I asked the Lord to give me something new and different to do, so I began doing teaparties for girls and ladies where everyone comes and plays dress up and has "tea." I am still loving doing that, since I feel really "called" to do it: to teach girls that being a lady is a good thing, since they are not being taught that much these days .
Last fall I began another venture, designing and making handmade purses, jewelry,& accessories for ladies and their homes. I have been sewing since I was five (do the math--that means for 60 years!) I love working with color, textiles, trim, embellishments.
I have just completed a purse of pink linen printed with cabbage roses , embellished with crochet trim and beadwork. I hope to post the photo soon, rather than try to describe it, after all "A picture is worth a thousand words!"
Thank you for being patient as I absorb all this technology. I am determined , that is for sure!
So long for now.
Looking forward to meeting "you all" (I'm from the South (USA) where we say "you all" for everybody-oneperson or a hundred.
Miss Alice


  1. Miss Alice, I am sooooo proud of you. I love your introduction. You are going to meet so many nice people here. I am sure you will enjoy it. Welcome to blogging.
    Big Hugs

  2. hi miss alice!

    i read about you and your lovely endeavors over at sonia's blog. warmest congrats on this new online adventure. you will so enjoy it! and how lucky to have a guide like sonia.


  3. How lovely to 'meet' you, Miss Alice! I also read about you on Sonia's lovely blog, and am looking forward to reading more about your wonderful tea parties and the other aspects of your life.


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