Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My place-a little tour

Thank you for comments from several of you who are regular visitors on Sonia's blog. It's amazing that I teach manners for my living (at my teaparties for girls) but Sonia is telling me there are good manners involved in blogging that I'm just beginning to learn. I am delighted to hear from those of you who left comments of encouragement and now I hope to begin having a more regular posting to really introduce myself to you all.
I always enjoy seeing a person's home to get to know them better,ie: how we choose to live and what things we surround ourselves with speaks volumes about us. I have been a professional interior designer for about 35 years, with my own design business for over 30 of those years.
So, naturally I love lots of beautiful things(beautiful to me, at least) around my home (and business). I have worked from my home both as designer and also doing my teaparties.(teaparties are now in 14th year). God is so good to have given me a home suitable for both my work and home. So here are a few photos of my place.
Also, I spoke of showing the pink linen purse I had made and now I have made a coordinating choker necklace. ( they will be available for sale on Etsy soon. Sonia spent time with me yesterday trying to teach me about uploading photos. Hope I am beginning to catch on. She is so patient.
I actually live in the lower level of my home, with tearoom, etc on main level. When I mention to others that I live in the "basement", I feel they envision sump pumps and spiders, however, I have taken what was only a cinderblock basement when I bought this house 28 years ago, and gradually turned it into a space I find cozy and comforting to me. Hope you enjoy.
Have spent lots of time working in my yard in the cool mornings the last month. It is coming along. I will share photos of it soon.

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  1. Lovely post Miss Alice and great pictures. You really do have a very comfortable and beautiful home. I love it...


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